Saturday, April 11, 2009

chickie pops

here are the results of our girl time, baking! it was super fun, but so much work. i am not sure how many more times i will make these, but it was fun this one time.

a flock of birds

this was one of the best ones.

the easter egg attempt

help........i'm melting

this one just got squished.
i thought i would share our attempts at making cake they were by no means perfect. i think we decided that putting the candy coating in the microwave was the best way to ensure a smoother coat. but they were still hard to get all the excess coating off. syd has these visions that they will be perfect, so it was a good lesson that life is not perfect and we are not perfect, but God love us anyway. We had a blast working on them together and she was super pumped to take them all down to my parents house for Easter. I think we will have enough left over to share with teachers on monday.


Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing. This is one of the suggested activities for the Mom 2 Mom night out......they are really cute, but was it not as fun as it looks and was it really hard??? Fill me in! :) I do love how your cute little chickie's turned out! :) Great job!