Sunday, April 05, 2009

finding "our" thing

this weekend in an effort to connect with my beloved daughter, i decided to go into her world and try out something. syd is a hard one to connect with. she likes her alone time. after school most days she will do her homework, then head upstairs to work on her art projects or play club penguin.....but then i miss out on time to just be with her and enter her world. it usually ends up that either right at dinner time or at bedtime is when she wants to finally spend time with me. so i usually invite her to help make dinner, because she loves to cook. but she really loves to bake more.....last week she asked to bake a cake and i let her. then she decorated it all by herself and she was so proud when we ate some for dessert after dinner that night.

awhile ago i showed her and she loves it. it is one of the sites she visits everyday. so last week she got all excited that bakerella had gone to visit Pioneer Woman and she saw their creations together. at thad's bday we made the oreo footballs for him and syd loved it. she has been begging me to make the cake pops and when she showed me the adorable easter ones, i decided that this would be it, the thing we do together.

so she made up her supply list and we had a girls date today. we visited michaels and target in order to find the items we needed. she is so excited. she was ready to start sorting the daisies and the rainbow chips, but i told her to wait until thursday so that we have our supplies all ready to go come friday night.

i guess that baking has always kind of been our thing. she loves to help bake pies and cookies. christmas is one of her favorite times because she loves to decide which goodies we are going to bake for the season.

i only hope that as we continue on our journey as mother and daughter, that this will keep the lines of communication open for us. that if we hit a rough patch, we can always pull out the flour, sugar and cookie cutters and let the sharing begin.