Monday, April 06, 2009

In One Month

i just realized this morning that in one month i will be sitting on a white sand beach, hopefully with an umbrella drink in my hand and relaxing. that is right, i said in a bathing suit! oh wait, maybe i did not say that.

my amazing husband won a trip to marco island, florida for the two of us. all expenses paid! this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for the two of us. we are going to take the red eye in on tuesday night and then we have all day wednesday until saturday at the resort. all inclusive. they even have a restauraunt on the beach. we can sit and eat our meal with our toes in the water.

then to top it all of we decided to drive to disneyworld and experience that for a couple of days! this is the part i feel a little guilty about, but we need time alone. we are telling ourselves that it is a discovery trip..."do we really want to bring the kids here?" but really it is just a fun time for us to be together and remember what it is like to just be the two of us.

i am thankful that i was able to get some time off of work and go on this incredible trip with my man. guess i better start working out regularly again and watch what is going in my mouth, because i will have to fit into a swimsuit! yikes. every woman's nightmare.


imacootie said...

haha! I leave next week to meet up with Kyle in Orlando. We told the kids we are "scouting" Disney World so we know all the things they'll like best when we go as a family. They actually don't mind, they are looking forward to staying the night at Gma and Gpa's.

kim w. said...

yippeeee, you get to go!! that is aswesome! and don't feel guilty, you guys NEED to spend some alone time together, reconect, have fun together! that is just so great, i am SO happy for you!! (oh ya, and maybe just a little jealous too!!)