Monday, April 27, 2009

next week?

i am wondering if we are going to have to wear a mask next week when we travel to florida? i am sure that this whole swine flu thing will blow over by then, but still if it doesn't that would be an interesting trip. we are taking a red eye out on tuesday night and i am not sure that i want to sleep on a plane with a mask on! i just cannot imagine that it would be very comfortable.

speaking of our upcoming trip. i went tanning this morning. i have not been tanning in about 20 years! it is amazing how it all comes right back. the smell of the tanning beds. the lights. the relaxing feeling. the burn!!! yes that is right.....i burned. i was only in there for 10 minutes, but my body feels like it sat in the sun for 4 hours! but it is worth it now, so that i won't burn next week when i am sitting on the white sand beaches with crystal clear water and an umbrella drink in my hand.

love it~