Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter this year kind of went by in a blur. our family was sooooo tired. lots of running prior to that sunday and we were all running on fumes. the kids had a blast decorating their eggs, making special chickie pops and sydnie made these adorable easter egg puzzles. we went to church that morning and enjoyed some great worship and an great message. then we headed south to my parents house. enjoyed some family time. so nice to be with family. hope you all had wonderful easter's and that we all remembered the reason for the day!


Jim Slagle said...

What a beautiful family. (I don't see any saggy ear lobes, here). When our pc crashed, I lost you on my favorites. So the google search began! (Never mind that I could have just emailed you and asked for your blog again). I want to hear about your trip!