Wednesday, April 22, 2009

curse book fairs!!!

this is the week that our school hosts book fair from scholastic and it always brings out the nutso, gotta buy books frenzy in my children. well, actually it is not even about the books, they really want the fun erasers, bookmarks and pencils. ugggghhhhh. because we don't already have enough of that stuff in our lives?

so monday morning i caught noah counting his money, he was going to take all of it! i told him that he could only take $6 for a book! what did he buy............a pointer to help him read with. syd bought a book. but here is where it gets interesting:

they each took money back in on wednesday, their library time, and each walked away with a bunch of pencils and erasers. noah bought a pokemon pencil for himself, his sister and some other kid from class that asked him too. lol. needless to say there went $9.00 down the drain. i am thankful that he did that for his siter, but this kid that he never talks about? where does that come from. when i asked him about this kid who he has only mentioned once this year he proceeded to tell me that he was his "secret" best friend (no one even knows)!! so then we i started talking to him about saving his money and i was kind of upset that he snuck money out the door this was his response:

"but mom, i just want to be like jesus! i want to help people and show them love, by buying them stuff!"

i think his love language is gifts right now!!!