Thursday, April 17, 2008

Moral Compass

I think that as parents we have enough on our plates teaching our own children the rights and wrongs of this world..........and if you have a stubborn child, it is even more work. But these past few weeks as I have driven two extra children to awana, I find myself having to step in to their conversations and remind what is right. Last night was a prime steppin' time and I was exhausted by the time we dropped them off. Now don't get me wrong, I know that this is a ministry. I shoulder that responsibility......but I think it just overwhelmed me last night. I don't like to discipline other people's kids......but when they start hitting each other and kicking my car...then I have to step in. I think that those kids are more comfortable around me and therefore able to show their true colors. They are good kids, but last night was just a challenge.

Plus we got into the moral story of a third friend at school blaming the older two in the car for getting into trouble. So we had to have a little talk about how that made them feel and then when they did it to somebody else, how did that make the other person feel. Blaming people seems to be a skill that second graders have bred into is a hard one to defeat. Any suggestions for other moms?? I could use them for my two kids.

We have also had to have a lot of discussions with our oldest about some of the stuff kids at school are doing. The whole......"would you jump off a bridge, just because tommy did?" It has been a challenge....but she does get it. She is so black and white, that she often times will do the right thing, without being reminded. I am finding that this little friend of hers....who I am thankful that she has not from the same "character" background that we we have to have a lot of talks about stuff. I like to see it as building our future together, one talk at a time.