Sunday, April 13, 2008

sucks - in all the right ways

Check out this video from MTV about the movie! just thought it was cute. I love the whole "i don't know, they've got brooms" line!!! ha ha. I will have my tickets pre-bought and ready to go watch the movie on December 12th.....even if there is a midnight showing! Ohhh, maybe i will pull out the SAHM card and go during the day...when all the teenagers are in school! Who else is up for that??? RR- wanna go?


imacootie said...

I'm so there with you! I've got the countdown going for the next book on Aug. 2nd and the movie in Dec!! I still think we should plan a day this week and go to the beach to see if we can get a sneak peek at filming!

Bree said...

OK so I just read Twilight in about 6hrs yesterday! I am so in to see the movie with you!!! I can not believe how good the book is..I am starting the next one today!!