Monday, April 14, 2008

The ants go marching 2 x 2

Yesterday we spent the day down at my brother's celebrating my mom's birthday. I of course got half way down the freeway yesterday morning and realized that I had forgetten to bring her bday present!! ha ha. We met with my niece on friday night and took some pictures for my mom.......that is really all she wants, except her world would be perfect if it were only pictures of my brother and my daughter, since they can do no wrong and are the prefered children. ha ha.

Randal broke out his rock band for us to play!! The kids and I had been waiting for a week to play this. So Much Fun! Sydnie rocked out on the guitar and drums and singing!!! I unfortunately realized, as I was belting out my songs, that really I cannot sing. ha ha. The drums were so much fun to play. My mom even got on and rocked out for awhile and so did my niece. This is all the kids want for christmas! Which is quite a bit of xms present....maybe we can throw bdays in there too. It is so much fun. I am not sure I want syd singing some of those songs......they need to make a rock band for smaller kids with songs that they love. She had never heard most of the songs that she was singing yesterday.

Like so many other houses in this beautiful state of brother's house has ants! And they all congregate in the playroom. Now that could be because my brother is a slob and leaves all his old dishes and cups laying around.......and ants like that! We were all sitting there watching people rock and suddenly noah screams.........."there's an ant on me!" Well that pretty much started it. He ran out of the room. He then saw ants wherever he went in their house. He saw them on the carpet, on toysand in his ice cream (which was kind of funny because it was vanilla bean, so it did kind of look like an ant). Just as we were walking out the door, noah decided he was thirsty, so my SIL helps him get some water and then she comes running outside to tell me this little story.............

"So I give noah his cup of water and he says, "there is an ant in here" I take the cup and say there is no ant in there, look inside and sure enough..........there is an ant in his water cup."

nuff said


Teresa said...

That is super funny!!! :) Sounds like a great day with the fam!

Bree said...

Oh no!! thats all pretty funny ;) hehehe