Monday, April 21, 2008


Alright so I thought I would post about my progress in workouts and getting healthy! So have been going solidly for one month now, at least 4-5 days a week. I have got the whole routine down. I was seeing some results in measurements, but I would step on the scale and realize that I had not lost one pound! So after talking to some people I decided that I was not eating enough calories or enough protein. (suprisingly I really don't eat very much) but I do eat a lot of suprise there.

So I cut out all of my coke, no extra sugars at all. My friend told me about this great website to track your diet and excercise, so I signed up and started eating there recommended calories! WOW. in one day i lost 3lbs. i know that most of this is water weight, but still. I am super excited! Yesterday I was so hungry, I ate a bunch of protein and made sure I had my carbs right, but it felt like me stomach was eating my entire body! This morning I stepped on the scale and had lost another 5lbs. (That was even with a little fast food hamburger in there....what can i say, i was out with errands and it sounded good...but i did not have fries or coke!) So I have been eating the right amount of calories for 4 days now and i have lost a total of 8lbs!!!!

Once I started eating the right amounts of stuff, I could feel the difference in my workouts. They felt like I was working the muscles, rather than well......i don't really know how to explain it, but there was a huge difference. I was super pumped to hit group power this morning, but i had a sick little one at home........oh well. i will have to make it up on wednesday!

I am just excited that this website guidance is working and that it is doable! it is not like any other "diet" thing.......I did weight watchers once and I was not really allowed to eat many proteins on that. My body craves the proteins......if I don't have them I totally bonk. Although last night when i looked at my chart, it told me i was eating to many proteins and not enough i will need to have a little better balance in the future.

YAY ME!!!!


Bree said...

Good job!!! That is awesome! So what website are you using? do share :) Its amazing that sometimes you have to eat MORE calories in order to lose strange! Its a hard concept to get use to!