Thursday, April 10, 2008

A New Adventure

Well.......I am officially on the payroll of our local school system and will be earning my own income shortly! This has been a process that has taken most of the year and finally is done.

As every stay at home mother knows, the wrestling match that takes place in our very souls, the question that all husbands ask us as our children become school age.............."when are you going back to work?" My husband has been bugging me for about two years now and finally my school year next year is wide open. Of course in my mind it is open for coffee, bible study, lunches, work outs and general me time. But then I started to realize that I would probably be severely bored.

As I have volunteered throughout the years, I remembered that long ago dream of becoming a teacher, those college hours put in, but never finished. I also took into account all of the comments about how perfectly suited I am for working in the schools and mulled it over in my brain. Finally this last january I felt God calling me to act upon this desire and I applied to be a substitute Instructional Assistant. I went to the orientation this week and found out that I did all of this a little too early and I have to sub this year at least twice in order to be on the call sheet for next year!

I am generally excited and a little scared. The ultimate goal is to obviously have a full time asst position in a school that is close to my house and I am still able to be there for my kids. The job that I am seeking is a kindergarten IA and they are hard to come by. Several people have asked me if I would go back and get my teaching degree??? I just don't know right now. I am still trying to figure out if working is really the path that God has for me or if this is just a test of faith. I know that I will probably have to put in a few years as a sub in the district, but God willing I will be able to be a building sub at our school next year. It is a little scary to think of going into a new classroom, with new people and different teaching styles...I don't know how my friends do it. It is a great adventure (flashes of Steven Curtis Chapman singing in my head...this is the great adventure!!)


Anonymous said...

That sounds great! You will make a wonderful assistant--but would also make a great teacher. My advice as far as going back to school is: the sooner the better. It doesn't get any easier! Plus, it's a great investment.