Friday, April 25, 2008

It is hard to be green

a couple of my friends have posted about what they is what i love right now


a while ago i posted about trying to rid my house of all the bad cleaning supplies and so far i have replaced all my surface cleaners, hand soaps and window cleaning. it has made all the difference in the world. i no longer have headaches and stuffy head for a whole day after i clean. i would literally feel like my head was going to explode from the headaches i would get. now i clean and i have no after effects, it has truly been amazing. i am obviously very sensitive to chemicals.....i cannot walk down the garden aisles at lowes because the chemicals drive me crazy. when thad is doing something in the yard with fertilizer....i stay in the house. (ps-don't know if i have convinced him to check out organic fertilizer yet....maybe i will tell him i will help him do lawn work if he buys it{wink wink})

So over the past few months i have been investing in new organic cleaners, going phosphate free, voc free, antibacterial free, all types of bad stuff free. what i have not used of my old cleaners i am going to haul out to the toxic dump site, along with old paint cans, etc. on earth day i was reading a few blogs and came across this great new book that method had written about detoxing your home.......i am half way thru it and have already made some other new changes. did you know that 4 trillion plastic bags are made each year.........we have gotten into plastic bag rehab here....we own reusables and we recycle any plastic bags that accidently come home.

my next new purchase is one i am dying to go buy today (but won't because i am good). then i can get rid of all my floor cleaning supplies....bring on the 5 second rule. nothing bad in this here cleaner....pure organic goodness. my kids could eat off the floor with this bad boy! ha ha. well maybe not, cuz of the dog, but you know what i mean.

i am not advocating that method is the only organic cleaner.......but with a smell that yummy......what are you waiting for.....go forth and clean mothers, in an organic way! and check out this site, if you want some method lusting news:


Char said...

I started using method too! I also got headaches cleaning the shower, and it is way better now!

Jim Slagle said...

A friend here told me one of the best "organic" cleaners (safe for kids and pets) is good old (white) distilled vinegar. Kills more germs than bleach (apparently). The best part is you only need one part in...i don't know, 20. It doesn't smell at that ratio, and it's really, really cheap! I use it in the kitchen. Still use bleach in the bathroom and toilet for brightening.