Saturday, January 31, 2009

hi, my name is

is rochelle and i am a caffeine addict. i am here today to publicly acknowledge that i have a problem and i need help. i was only caffeine free for 24 hours and by 12 hours in i had a raging headache and i was snapping everyone's head off.

so in an effort to try and lose some more weight, which has not been easy. (still think that i may have some sort of medical issue, since i work out all the time and i eat mostly healthy and can manage to lose some water weight, but that is the extent. although i must say that inches is really where it matters and i lost a bunch of inches last spring/summer) but i digress.

so i decided to go forward with my no coffee/pop combination that had been in affect since tuesday when i woke up with a pukey tummy. so for three days this week i had no caffeine, no coffee, no pop, no headaches! i thought to myself very stupidly that this might be the time to try and kick the pop habit once and for all. now let me clarify with you all that i only have one 12oz pop a day. not a bad thing and i drink at least 60-80 oz of water everyday.

so i had a small cup of coffee on friday morning before work and felt really shaky by the time 10:30 came. hum? but i was determined to not fall back into the rut of pop. so i ate my lunch, pop free and worked some sub hours until the kids got out of school. by the time dinner arrived i was a complete bear! literally i felt like i was growling at my kids and my husband. so i went to bed with the hopes of alleviating the grumpies. woke up this morning ready to bite someones head off. we had no coffee creamer left in our house, therefore no coffee. i was to grumpy to go and to get some and thad pretty much avoided me all morning. lol.

needless to say on the way to basketball this morning i stopped and picked up a grande latte! hello lover!! my headache finally went away and i started to feel a little more normal. of course i followed that up with a chaser of pop so I have completely fallen off the wagon in one days time! oh well, this is my life and that is okay by me!


Char said...

Can you gradually cut back and see if you can wean yourself instead of going cold turkey? Sorry that it is so hard!!

Teresa said...

Hi, my name is crazy girl and I want to cut out coffee???? WHAT?? HAHAHA

Okay, I say good for you girl! More power to you...if you have any leftover coffee that you are not going to use, I will take it because I am 110% addicted and happy with it :) HAHA