Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cold, Rainy Weather = A cup of Tea

So after an amazing lunch at Wild Pear today, a shared birthday meal between a friend and I, I was cold and felt like something warm to drink. What better place to stop than starbucks. I had just picked up a card yesterday to try their new tazo tea lattes. I love tea. I love milk and tea together, well maybe half and half (which explains why i never drink it that way). But I thought these sounded good. I got the Vanilla Rooibos Latte. Yum. Unexpected. When you take a sip from a starbucks cup you always expect that coffee taste? It was super yummy, but a little sweet which I thought was odd since it was just tea and milk? I thought to myself that this must be fairly low in calories, right. tea/milk??? Well I could not have been more wrong. It is 150 calories for a tall, okay that is better than some coffee drinks..but what shocked me was the sugar and carbs counts. WOW. 24g of sugar!!!! in that little tiny cup. It turns out that they sweeten that beautiful little drink with their classic syrup! I started ordering my Passion Tea's without the syrup and just subbed in a package of splenda, works out pretty good for me. So I think next time I try it I will order it without the syrup and see if I like it. So for all of you starbucks lovers out warned!