Friday, January 02, 2009

How Do I Get That Goodness In Me????

this is one of my favorite comedians!!! He cracks me up everytime. I have him on my ipod and die laughing in the middle of everyone. As I was watching him on youtube this morning sydnie watched the poptart one with me and asks.....can i have a poptart? i said sure. she literally just came back in with the box and says, "i don't know how you toast them. read the directions mom." if that is not funny i don't know what it is.


Char said...

Hilarious! We love Brian Reagan too, and I hadn't seen that one!

Amy said...

I love him, too! The poptart one is one of my favorites along with the little league sno-cones and "the big yellow one is the sun!". Hahaha he always makes he laugh!