Thursday, January 08, 2009

Word for the Year

I am not a resolution maker. I always fail at those. I like to make goals and then forget about them. I could tell myself every year that I am going to work out more, but a resolution won't make me do that any better than I had before. I have loved reading everyone else's list. More power to you ladies and I will support you 100%, but can do.

I like the approach of one word to summarize my year and how I want to live it. In the past I have chosen Balance and Vitality. Both words seemed to really come into play for me the years I chose them. This year I am still searching for a word. I have a few in mind and once I have figured it out I will blog it.

It feels like once I have chosen that word I purposely set out to have it be a part of my everyday life. It becomes a part of who I am. I seek out those options or choices that bring that word to the forefront.

So here is to a new year, finding that one word to summarize my life for that year. wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

I have a word for ya, Rochelle.


hee hee!

Tracie Rabago ;)