Saturday, January 03, 2009

A New Addition

for twelve years i have waited, with baited breathe and growing anticipation. It has been so hard, knowing that it would be a grown up addition, something that would really complete our house. It would allow us to have friends over and actually all sit at the table together. It has been a sticking point in my husband and I's relationship. I wanted to buy a table, he wanted to build one. We had gone both routes researching tables that I loved (hello pottery barn fransisco table, square and beautiful) to researching all the components and wood that would make us a beautiful table. Thad is an amazing wood worker. He has built many beautiful pieces of furniture throught the years, but let's just say that his time to make these creations has been limited to an hour here or 20 minutes there. It would take the rest of our lives for him to build one. lol.
For the last year I have wanted a counter high table with 8 chairs and a dark finish. He did not. He thought they were uncomfortable for a tall man, he wanted to be able to put his feet on the floor and lean back. I found a table recently that I really loved, it was not square or high but it had big turned legs and it seated 8. But when we went to look at it, thad could not get his legs under the table because the apron underneath the top was too low. Dreams dashed again.
So we decided to look in earnest this last friday. We hit a local store first, not expecting to find much except for oak furniture and we actually found a table that we both liked. It was a high table, square and it seated 8. But it was a floor model and the chairs that went with it were gone, so we would end up ordering some that would take 6 weeks to arrive, but we would have a table in that time and no way to sit at it. But the most important thing to note is that it was high and Thad suddenly, miraculously loved it.
So we shopped around the rest of the afternoon, thinking we would buy the one that we would have to order chairs for until we got a call from my mom who told us to look at costco. I was talking to Julanne and she was at Costco and said that it was a nice table and we might like it. So we headed over, walked in the door and Thad sees it and immediately says that it is the table. He absolutely loves it, there is no other table. I am secretly laughing inside, thinking about his stubborn refusal to look at high tables, to look at any table that was not hand made.....12 years of this struggle and in two seconds he has decided that this table is the only one for us.
I guess the moral of this story is be patient and eventually your husband will come around to your way of thinking. lol.


Anonymous said...

woo hoo for your new beautiful table!!!! i know you have been waiting for so long and now it is HERE!! yipppeeee

Amy said...

I love it!! It looks like the perfect addition!! Have fun creating new memories around it!

Char said...

How great!! I love it!

Char said...

How great!! I love it!

Bree said...

beautiful! I love how many it seats! its perfect!