Monday, January 12, 2009


Something has taken over my mind and I don't quite know how to describe it. It is a sickness really. This thing. Since the first time I picked up my favorite book "twilight" last year, you have seen me blog about it, terrorize poor teresa into reading them and post obsessively about the movie release. But now I find this new and more terrifying thought come to the forefront.

When the heck did I start liking Vampires???

As a child there was nothing more terrorizing to me than the thought of someone taking a bite out of my neck, but now I am like bring it on!!!! I remember once as a child I had a sleepover at a trusted families house and we snuck into the living room to watch what was on tv, my life was forever changed by the movie Salem's Lot. From that night on I was terrified to turn off my lights, I would count to 10, turn them off, run and dive into my bed, where I proceeded to bundle my head under the covers for fear that some unwanted companion would seek me out. To this day I still sleep with the covers firmly up against my neck. lol.

But back to my new obsession. I love vampires now. I read a new vampire series over Christmas break, House of Night. Not bad. Easy reads, but a lot darker than the twilight series. And a friend at school recently got me hooked on the sookie stackhouse series. Those are not as dark, but more graphic than twilight. Now I cannot wait to watch true blood, the hbo series based on the stackhouse series, as soon as it releases on dvd.

This is all well and good, but vampires..........honestly?????


Bree said...

Ok, now I don't know how the sookie stackhouse books are, but I have watched True Blood a couple times on HBO, and its different then Twilight. VERY. Those vampires actually freak me out A LOT and there are several scenes that..well- lets just say that they can be a quite Xrated. :o just a little FYI ;) For now I will just stick with the Cullens..haha

Rochelle said...

that is why i said that the books were much more "graphic" because they are a little x rated!!!! lol. but i am interested in watching it at least once??

Teresa said...

all I have to say is Crazy girl! You make me laugh!!! :) I think it is just your personality to really get into things. Look at the polly pockets that I purchased from you...I think there were a million of them.(which we LOVE BTW) HAHA
You will have to let us know how the show is. :) I do have to say that I hope you don't get bit and start coming after us...I am pretty sure that I have a very nice smell :) HAHA