Thursday, January 01, 2009


Last night as we were leaving a new years eve party the kids were both dying to stay up until midnight this year. Usually we are just at home hanging out and we kind of slide in that 9pm it's new years in new york thing.......they buy it every year and then they go to bed. But this year they both knew that it needed to be midnight our time, so they were both chattering about it and thad and i told them that they were more than welcome to stay up until 12am. When suddenly noah says:
"I think I am going to make a wise decision tonight and go to bed when we get home because I don't want to have a bad attitude tomorrow!"
Seriously love that kid. he says the best stuff.


Char said...

Too funny! What a mature decision!

Teresa said...

That is awesome! You do have one smart kid on your hands! I wish I knew how awesome sleep was at his age. :)