Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Little Fruit

Rock Star


Sleeping Beauty and Chiquita Banana

So here is the official recap......................WE HAD A BLAST!!!! We are still on a sugar high and hopefully will land in bed early tonight to recover from the costume wearing, candy getting, sugar eating, major hyper fun.
We started our day with our annual Book Character Dress Up day at school. Of course this year I had to participate as well and since it was a last minute decision, I went as Meggie from "Inkheart" a twelve year old who can read book characters to real life. We partied in Noah's room with some games and cupcakes, Syd had some serious cookie action going on in her room and I was completely exhausted by the time we left school. But being the super mom I am, I decided to make dinner for our guests that were coming and make a special, suprise dinner of Mummy hot dogs and ghost breadsticks for the kids. YUM!
My adorable niece and equally cute and cudly nephew came to our house to trick or treat, thus the princess and the chiquita!!! We were walking door to door and the older kids would run and leave ryen in the dust, but the princess just hiked up her skirt and ran right after them! At one door she even won the motherload of all candies and received a huge, giant candy bar for being so cute. It was a really great night to be out and have fun with family.
So of course once we got home the kids rifled through their candy, picking out their favorites and deciding which to keep and which to give to the candy fairy! Sydnie received the HSM3 Soundtrack and Noah got a lego set. This morning he ran in to the art room to tell me that he already had this lego set, I said that maybe we could exhange it at Target to which he replied....
"I knew it, I knew you were the candy fairy!"
"Are you the candy fairy?"
I am not sure how much longer I can pull off the whole candy switcheroo, but at least they know that they get something really cool in return!!! I love halloween. I think I wanted to go to more houses than they did. When your eight year old tells you that she has enough candy, you know it is time to stop. ha ha.