Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ariel, the bear

Took the birthday girl to Build a Bear for her third Bday today. It was a complete suprise, she had no idea what BAB was, she was super excited once we went into the store. I could not wait to see what she would chose and how adament she would be about it. She looked at the puppies and kitties, but suddenly she saw the pink heart bear and literally ran over to it, picked it up and never looked back. ha ha. She chose the giggle sound to put in her bear's paw and hugged and kissed the heart to put into the tummy of her bear. She was fascinated by the stuffing and how her bear came to life. Then it was off to the bath.......loved it. Then came the fun part, dressing your bear. Unfortunately we did not get far in that process, because she found the ariel mermaid costume and that was it!!! It even came with a red wig!!! So we named it (ariel) and she picked up her birth certificate and she carried her bear out to the car to love on it the whole way home. Good memories!


Teresa said...

Cute! Cute ! Cute! She is adorable and I can only imagine how loved that sweet pink bear is :)