Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Historic Night

No matter what you believe or don't believe. Last night was a historic night for America. My children will remember this election and it will be in the history books. They watched the updates with us last night and by the time my husband was home, it was decided. I can only imagine that the country feels like and has this ferver that is similiar to JFK. I don't know the statistics of margins and all that, but the feel and mood and tone reminds me of an era that changed our country.
This is not a political blog, but I felt it was important to remember the significance of this night in our countries history.


Teresa said...

While this is not the outcome I was looking and hoping for, I do agree that it is something that will be a highlighted spot in future history books. Now we all must rally together in prayer for the new leader of our it or not. We all know who is really in charge (God) and I currently am taking peace in that fact. May Obama hear and follow Gods voice as he leads us!

Rochelle said...

amen! I agree prayer for our country and our leader is upmost priority at this point in our countries history. Thanks for your feedback and valid points.