Saturday, November 22, 2008

Since Everyone Has Seen It Now

Well I made it through the twilight movie night. I had been sick the night before with the pukies and took thursday off to recover from a very long night of no sleep. But by afternoon I was able to eat and had slept a bunch, so I decided to try and make it to the movie. I picked up my friend Kim and we headed to Old Navy for a little "stay awake" shopping, then on to meet some other friends at Applebees for appetizers and "stay awake" chatter. It helped that I made a pot of coffee at 7pm and was on a little caffeine high, until around 12am. We were so blessed that night, because it was cold and we arrived at the theater to find that our other friend had saved us a place in line! We literally were in the building within 15 minutes! We got amazing seats, played a little guitar hero on my phone, saw more friends in the theater and chatted. The movie was late starting, which made it an even later night. Now...........

I am not going to dissect the movie, but I will say that I never thought it would live up to the book and it did not. But it really lacked that chemistry and connection that I was hoping it would have in there. Chemistry is not made up of smoldering looks for 2hrs. I seriously laughed several times over the looks that were given in this movie, especially when Edward was "drinking" the poisen from Bella, I laugh even now. I am not sure that the studio intended for there to be so much laughter about the movie!

When we sat down at Applebees my friend was saying that her husband told her that evening "that this movie is almost like star wars" with all the hype and lines of people. I leaned over during the movie and told her to tell him that the dialogue in this movie was just as bad as star wars. ha ha.

Plus, did anyone else get caught up with the whole Raineer Beer!!!!!!!!! I keep hearing that jingle in my head, it did not help that everytime it came on screen bobbi and i would say it. And it came on screen a lot.

But overall it was a great night and we had lots of fun and laughter and good food. And let's face it when is the next time I will stay up until 3am just for a vampire movie?