Saturday, November 01, 2008

Worst Fears Realized

Took the kids to Gilbert House today with their cousins and my two had a blast in the amazon room, even went so far as to dress up. Until Noah looked over at his sister, both dressed like flowers, and he exclaimed
"Oh NO!!! I'm a girl flower!!!!"
He saw the bow on the neck and the immediately took it off....I am still laughing. This is going to be a great blackmail picture one day. He cracks me up. He has this serious aversion to all things girly right now. Last week I was going to take Syd to HSM 3 with some friends and their daughters, but I had no where for Noah to go and he begged me to not take him to a girly movie!!! So we waited until he could stay home with dad and do yardwork and build legos! He came home from school this week, so excited about a story he had written about going fishing with Grandpa. He is all about the boy stuff right now, but he still gets his feelings hurt when his one girl friend won't play with him at recess. So cute, how can you not just hug on him? He is dressed in a flower costume, from jedi master to flower 12 hours!


Teresa said...

I am laughing out loud right now! Seriously, that is very fun! :)