Monday, November 17, 2008

I caved

I finally joined facebook and I am totally addicted. now I understand where all my blog friends have gone too. They are on facebook. ha ha. It has only been two days and I need more time to play on it, but real life calls. I need to put a photo up, but I don't have any photos of myself and really bad ones with the family, so I will have to work on that one. So I need all my friends to help me figure all this out. do I have to visit your pages everyday, does it update on my home page so I can read what you have written? Anyway. just thought I would say that I have finally gone and done it! It is nice to see all my girls on it from way up north, excluding DDR.

Plus, update on thursday night. a group of us are going to hit applebees on lancaster around 8:30ish to get some appetizers, then head over to the theater to wait in line so that we can swoon!!! ha ha. anyone else up for it?


Unknown said...

OK, why don't u come over for a tutorial. I can walk u thru the whole thing.

Basically you will get updates as they happen. They are in your "newsfeed" of anyone who is your "friend." When they put an update on or tag u in a photo or make a comment on something you made a comment on. You will get notified.

you can set it up to notify u by email when someone adds you or notifies you about something, but if you are on a lot it doesn't matter.

You can put your favs on the bottom and sign on and off on the bottom right. Posting pics is a breeze.

Have fun!

Oh, don't add every piece of crap your friends try to tell you to add. It's almost all junk and not worth your time.