Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Week Gone By

I honestly cannot believe what a bad blogger I have been. But life has been chaotic around here. I used to be a scrapbooker (ha ha) and I could never understand why these women who had older children were not caught up on the pages? Why did they just not take the time? Now I fully understand. With two kids in sports, a part-time job, awana and the basic household chores, I have no time for anything extra. I don't even pick up my camera anymore, let alone try to improve my photography skills. My days are packed with working, cooking, laundry, homework, awana memorization and then off to bed.

I thought I had this sytem down pat, but then I caught the dreaded head cold and the whole thing went off-line. I still have not caught up. At the beginning of the work life I would tell myself that if it did not get done then, it would never get done and suddenly my life was organized and my house looked great. But once I got sick, it was all hands "off" deck and nothing got done. So now I find myself knee deep in the "pick" up phase of house work, where I am finally digging out from under the pile of "stuff" that did not get done before. Then I can finally get to the real cleaning.

I am hoping that this is the last week of being gone every night of the week and life can be a little more normal for a couple of weeks, until basketball starts. Today is especially stressful since I have a little one who now wants to be indy for halloween, a class party to finish for tomorrow, work, buy more stuff for said party, grocery shop, take children to upward evaluations and fix dinner! But it will all get done and life will be back to normal on saturday.