Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today is the Day

Today we get our party on and celebrate Thad's bday. Yesterday cable finally decided to show up, after I had waited for over 3 hours! So we headed out to awana and made sure that we hid the evidence from Thad. Made sure that all the lights were off, so he would not notice the dvr sitting in the front room. Of course when he tucked noah into bed last night he was talking to him about practice and noah kept insisting that he was not going to practice, because it was daddy's bday!!!! ha ha. I went straight to our room to make sure that the cable was working correctly and thad comes in and asks why I got cable installed? Now let me clarify that we had talked about hooking it up, but I just went ahead and did it.......not something I would normally do without talking to him first! I told him that it was so he could be at home watching sports, rather than at his moms!!! So I am pretty sure that the cat is out of the bag, but we will have fun anyway. Hopefully it does not rain until we have tailgated!


Teresa said...

How did it go ? I hope Thad had a blast on his big day!