Sunday, October 05, 2008

Funny Story

This morning the kids and I headed down to church, now let me say that in my present UTI condition I would not normally go to church, considering how many times I would likely have to get up and well............go! But this morning we were voting on our new pastor, must go to church today. As we were picking out our spot, which if you are baptist you know that that means you sit in the same spot every week. ha ha. I told my dearest husband that we should probably sit in the back, once again considering my nether regions would need to be up quite often! But instead we sat smack dab in the front of the church. As I predicted I got up about 3 times in the course of the hour, had to walk the walk of shame back to the back of the sanctuary to go "visit" the ladies room. Each time I got up, I wondered, do they know I have an infection, do they just think I cannot hold it, do they think I am being paged, part of the sound crew...........hopefully no one notices!!! After church I did some shopping and was just stepping in the dressing room to try on some stuff when the phone rang, it was Thad calling to tell me that one of the older deacons approached him after church today to ask if he and I were having problems? "I noticed your wife getting up quite often during the service and wanted to make sure that it was not maritial issues?" hahahahahahahahaha. As a woman I can honestly say that I wish it had been that and not the dreaded nether regions affliction!!!! I am still giggling over that observation.


Teresa said...

Why would leaving during service several times equate to having marital issues???? So crazy! :) HAHA Did Thad tell them what was up??? HAHAHA