Saturday, October 11, 2008

Weekend Sports

There she is..........the next Gabby Reece. Well maybe in a few years. She is loving volleyball and enjoying the competitive edge. We just need to conquer the fear of the ball hitting anywhere on her body. I remember that pain that can only come from hitting a volleyball over and over and over....the wrists are a killer. It has been a great experience so far and after their second game they are starting to pull together as a team. They were late in the game getting a coach, so they are a little behind, plus our team consists of newcomers to the game. I expect by the last game we will be able to call it and get some good volleys in there.

And then there is football. Love the fresh air, the touchdowns and my son who only has the attention span to be the hiker! Once that ball is hiked, he tends to just stand there until he hears the word run!!! Then he goes after someone who does not have the ball and tries to pull their flag. ha ha ha. Hopefully next year, he will have more fun with it and really enjoy it. If you ask him, he loves football, his favorite sport. I never have to fight with him to get him out the door, he loves wearing his jersey and a friend reminded me that at the very least he is being active and getting exercise! I am super glad that Thad is coaching, gives me a bit of a break so that I don't "have" to go to all the practices!
Next up..............Upward Basketball