Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Bald Song

Today was our jogathon recognition assembly and boy it was crazy. As a school our goal was to raise more than we ever had before, which was $31k and then we would get shave our music teacher's head!!!! The man had some seriously long hair. Well they completed over achieved their goal as a school (by $3k)and so today the shaving was done. Since I am working in a fifth grade classroom as well as my health job, I got to participate from the working side....rather than the pta side. It was great. Yesterday our classroom wrote a song to sing to the school in honor of the occasion. I would like to share that song...........think brady bunch tune:

Here's the story of a man named jason

who agreed to shave his head

if we raised money

it was touch and go

for a little while

the longest hair in school

till the one day when you're head met the razor

we knew that it was time for it to go

that this hair, must somehow for a wig

and that's the way it went to locks of love

the locks of love.................bald man

the locks of love..................bald man

that's the way you became a bald man!!!

It really was a ton of fun. I love my job. just thought i would share.


Teresa said...

Way to go on the the fund raising! Cute song too! I am so happy that you are loving your new jobs :)