Thursday, October 09, 2008

Feeling Mellow Yellow

Hello out there world! I am here to Inspire you! and a little bit of helping too. I am a person in the yellow, someone who is an extrovert, tends more towards feelings and intuition. Apparently I cannot make a thoughtful decision or sense that I am in danger, because I a yellow. (according to Discovery Personal Profile)

I will become impatient with routine or repetition. I will not follow through to completion a task. HUH? I do not like to be bored. I get home from work and I cannot sit down, I have to be doing something. I really like to be occupied, but I can sit and work on something if it holds my interest for a long enouch time?

Now here is my question, based on my whole personality it possible that I have adult onset ADD? I really do not like to be doing the same thing over and over again. I need something to attract my attention and have variety. But sometimes it is hard to focus. If I am at work and there is nothing to do, I literally start going crazy. give me something, anything to keep me occupied.

So do you ever have those ADD moments? Or is it just stay-at-home-mom-who-is-transitioning-back-to-a-working-mom moments? Have you ever taken a personality profile, what did yours say? I have taken spiritual gifts and quite a while ago taken a personality one. But now that I am older and more cemented in who I am and know myself better, I was able to predict the outcome. I could see all of these things and as my friend was telling me the finer nuances of my personality in my mind I was relating it all back to an experience in my life.


Teresa said...

That is super interesting and something that I would love to take too! I can see your connection with ADD and the description, but I think that it is just explaining that this is the way you naturally process and act, so I vote not to drug up the Rochelle we know and love :) HAHA

To answer your question, I too have moments that I flutter but am totally okay with doing "nothing" for a little while. :) Thanks for sharing and I will see if there is something fun online to test my personality and I will get back to you on my color :)Fun! Fun! Fun!