Monday, October 13, 2008

The Great Divide

Mom, take some pictures of this. this is so fun. i am awesome. i can jump across a grand canyon and still land on my feet. i was getting really bored at the pumpkin patch, until i discovered this. i really wanted to go home and log onto the computer and watch star wars clone wars, but i think i could stay here and do this for a while. I might just have a little superman in me, i mean come on........who can jump a canyon like this without getting hurt. no one but me. and the most important part of jumping is to make sure that you have your face and your hands positioned in just the right "superjump" way. face: must always have mouth open, like a fake a scream, no serious looks are allowed. hands: must be pumped and ready to catch yourself, just in case a little stumble happens (but since we have established I am a superhero, that will never happen, they just look really cool like that). i rule the universe!