Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Answered Prayer

bj and eileen with the kids flying kites

bj teaching sydnie and emily magic tricks

yesterday morning i was snoring my little head off when suddenly i woke up to the sounds of doors being opened and cars running, it was 6am. i was thinking in my sleepy little head that it was the neighbor going hunting again. i tossed around for a few minutes and then got up to look out the window and find out what was going on......i see two ambulances outside of our neighbor on the left. i immediately started praying for BJ and Eileen, because i know that it is serious. i went downstairs because i could not sleep and saw them haul bj out on a stretcher. i was debating if i should go to eileen and tell her that we would be praying and that if she needed anything to let us know...but before i could make up my mind she was off after the ambulance.

we found out later that day that he was doing great, but that he had had brain surgery for a clot and bleeding in the brain. they originally diagnosed a massive stroke and could not give him the stroke drug because they did not know when it had started. so that was a downer to hear, but then toward the evening i spoke with eileen and she said it was just the bleeding that had caused everything. it looks like he is going to pull through just fine. thank you God for answered prayers.

these two moved in next door to us about 2 years ago and my kids just love both of them. they have hung their artwork in their windows, taught the kids magic tricks and continue to be involved in both of their lives. of course when we first met bj he told us that if he didn't like our dog he was just going to shoot her.....big long story told with a gleam in his eye. seriously funny guy. Eileen always has goodies at the holidays and made sure that last year at halloween even though their light was off that we could come inside. Also last year bj scared the crap out of my kids by dressing up and talking really funny at halloween to come deliver some suckers....the worst of it was the big hunting knife he was carrying. my kids were terrified. Good neighbors and good friends.