Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ortho Be Gone!

In august we had our normal dentist appt for the kids....nothing was different, no cavities, no teeth turning the wrong way, so I was a little suprised when the dentist told us we had to go to the orthodontist for sydnie. I know that she has an adorable gap in her teeth that someday could use some cosmetic fixing, but to hear that it might impact her adult teeth from dropping......off to the orthodontist we went.

For about two years the dentist has been telling us that the fix to her spread would be to cut her "soft tissue" in between the front ones, so I have been waiting for that. When we met the ortho this morning he reiterated the same thing. He told us that he wanted to see us in 6 months to make sure that the side teeth had dropped in correctly, but that he did not expect to see her even as a teenager!!! WHEW. She will more than likely have to have her soft tissue cut and then maybe a little braces on the top couple of teeth.....but nothing major. I was really praying that she would not go into braces this early (after some research, too young) of course sydnie thought it would be really cool, because several of her friends have them. So for now I get to wait for that huge expense and monthly visits.