Tuesday, September 11, 2007

first day of kindergarten

isn't he just adorable. seriously love his little camo shoes.
with the too big backpack and the freshly pressed clothes.
i love the first day of school. he has just had to wait several
days for his first day. he has been so patient and now he
gets his moment to shine.

So cute in his little shirt...he has been waiting to wear his
new first day of school shirt. even with the 90* weather,
he still wanted to wear this one.

Thought this would make a cute pix of his name on his cubby

already hard at play...he could not wait to head into the classroom
and start playing. he knew there was stuff to play with and he has
been waiting two years for this day. he immediately started talking
to his new little friend on the right and i could not even get him to
tell me goodbye! he just was in the moment. so proud of himself. such
a big guy now. he was very excited that he gets to come out the front
door today. man he is so cute. I just wish that his first day of school
excitement had not woke him up at 5am!!! Hope he stays awake in
class today.


Anonymous said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!! I can't believe he is in school! :)