Thursday, September 06, 2007

the nitty gritty

the first and second day for sydnie have been great. she is really coming into her own this year and loving school. she sits at a table of all girls, which helps so much. last year she was always at a table with boys. she loves her teacher and is really looking forward to learning a lot this year. she has already had pe and music....library must be tomorrow. the last two days she has walked out of school with a huge smile on her face. and this morning she did not want me to walk her into class!!! I knew it was coming.....i took every chance i could last year to enjoy walking her in.

i have been praying for her all summer that she would enjoy this year and just have fun. she had a really rough year last year. i am told that most girls go thru a phase in the third grade of just trying to fit in and figure out what and who they are, but syd went through it last year. plus she hated being away from me all day. i had to search long and hard this summer about home school. i was not sure it was the right thing to do...but she was so miserable last year. i was able to talk to some women and decided that the best thing was to see how this year went and if something horrible happened we would pull her out and put her in private school. she needs to experience some of these bad times to appreciate the good.

she looked absolutely adorable on her first day of school. her outfit was of course from limited too. she has been planning this outfit since end of july when we bought it. the only snafoo was the brown ballet sandals that we had bought to wear the first day were too tight for some reason....(i think she really wanted to wear the ballet crocs from limited too). i have learned through the years to not fight about the shoes. she said that everyone loved her limited too strawberry necklace......"the girls all wanted one mom!" I loved her outfit......she looks so cute. this year is all about blue for sydnie.....YAY, no more pink.

so here is to a good year and good friends and a great teacher!!!!!