Saturday, September 08, 2007

Warning - Warning - Warning!

The great rip off has just occured....

do not, i repeat do not take your daughters to Limited Too........EVER.

I am the first to admit it is ridiculously over priced and extremely expensive, but sydnie loves it so I told her we would only go there a couple of times. my mom decided to use our too bucks today and take sydnie on a shopping spree.

$160 = 6 items!!! that is with $50 off. HOLY CRAP!!! then mom complained about how expensive it which i said then why did you take her here? in all fairness i told mom not to buy the $50 skirt!!!! seriously.......for kids clothes!! she got a couple of pairs of pants, which i gladly paid $36.00 for because they fit and she liked them (sydnie is really a skirt girl, so i have to get pants when she likes them).

of course you suckered in by the too bucks and coupons off and before you know you have spent $900 and you have to hide it from you husband. ( i did not do that but some lady was observed who did).

in the long run we found three great pairs of shoes for miss extra extra wide foot at nordstroms and she liked them. another long story and dinner needs to be put on the table. have a great night.