Monday, September 17, 2007


(pix from two years ago...but he is asleep here)

So for about a year now my youngest has been sleepwalking. Every night, one hour after he goes to bed, he wakes up crying. Sometimes I catch him in his sisters closet, sometimes he is in his closet, one time i caught him in the playroom near the window (scary). He talkes gibbersh, he does not respond when questioned, he is not awake. I usually walk him into the bathroom, he goes, I guide him back into his bedroom, into bed, tuck him in and he goes right back to sleep. He never knows that he did all this. Thad used to turn the lights on and try to make him talk, until I showed him all the info on the internet. I was a sleepwalker as a child too and I outgrew mine. From what i can find, we have about 8 more years of this!!! HOLY COW. He always wakes up at the worst times....especially when my favorite tv show is on and i have to run upstairs to help. wow that sounded a little selfish, but come on. after reading some more info i found out that these episodes can be triggered by a full bladder, which make sense that he is usually trying to pee when i find him...seriously in his sisters closet!!!!

So I have now decided to use the full frontal approach (ha ha).....I will be waking him up each night about 45 minutes after I put him to bed (probably on commercial break) to use the restroom....the research showes that this tends to stop these episodes. It really is rather funny to see someone totally asleep, but up and walking around. It has to affect his attitude and crankiness though. If you sleep was affected every night and you were not getting your full night, wouldn't you be tired too? Let's hope it works and that he can go back to normal, good humored noah.


Bree said...

That can be so scary! I am glad he does it shortly after he goes to bed and not in the wee early hours! I hope taking him to the bathroom works! Haley sleep talks, its so bizare!