Saturday, September 15, 2007

So much fun!!!

Thad's sister got married last night and as you can see we had so much fun. We started our day at Deepwood for pictures with the bridal party and totally unplanned noah grabbed abby's hand and kissed it. well that set the photographers into a frenzy and they made him do it again and again. SO CUTE. Noah had a blast walking down the aisle and he did a great job not messing around on stage. The best part was when the pastor asked for the rings and noah was mouthing to me that he had the rings, why weren't they using his rings....i thought i was going to laugh out loud at one point. He did a great job. It was so much fun to see abby so happy and nervous and just loving her day. We moved onto the party and sydnie got to hand out favors with her cousins. The girls were done so quickly, so proud of their job. My kids had been waiting for the dancing all night......hoping for the chicken dance. The girls danced so nice, but noah was like a spring with to much tension....bouncing all over the floor and when he paid to dance with abby I though he was going to pull her over! When we left the party was just getting started with a hispanic tradition of the groom being thrown in the air!!! Cannot wait to hear what happened after that. Congratulations abby and eder.


Bree said...

They look adorable! So grown up! how did that happen?? I am glad you guys had a great time and congrats to the bride and groom!!