Monday, October 01, 2007

What I used to do

today i had to go into sydnie classroom and talk about my old 80 second graders. Last week while i was volunteering they went to listen to another parent then their teacher sat them down and talked about her job....sydnie raises her hand and asks that"if someone had a job before, but does not have it now, could they still come talk." Of course her teacher and i lock eyes and i today was the day! I was trying to figure out how to explain my old job to a bunch of kids and could not come up with anything to great so i decided to concentrate on the fact that i worked for nike a long time ago.

get to the school and walk to the classroom and see who i have to follow!!!!! The canine Cop!!! with dog and all!!!! how do you compete with that???? They even got to pet the dog! She barked and did tricks!!!

The kids got really pumped when I told them I had met Tiger Woods and that he came to the campus to play some golf for everyone....... and that was about the extent of excitement. ha ha.
i even tried the whole mike meyers voice when i told them that i bought millions of dollars worth of product to sell!!! didn't work. ha ha. okay it really was not that bad. i got tell them how nike got their name and who started the company and all about steve prefontaine and bill bowerman and phil knight. they even asked if i got to travel around. which i did.

sydnie was beaming from ear to ear and that is what is most important. at the beginning of the year they had to say what they wanted to be when they grew at nike. she graduated from wanting to be a princess to CEO of I grow them smart!!! ha ha.