Saturday, October 06, 2007

Go for the Gold!

This awesome sign we made for the teachers to break through
we ended up putting it on the field and made a different sign
for the teachers to run through. (see below)

this years theme for jogathon was go for the gold...and the kids really did. My kids wanted to raise their $150.00 so that they could go to the after dark party. Put this year we threw in a pizza party for the top earning class and sydnie's class is in second place so this weekend we are going to try and get a few more donations to see if we can win that pizza.
this was noah's first year and he loved it. he loved slapping high fives and everyone yelling for him. i think the funniest part was three of sydnie's friends were totally making a big deal about him everytime he ran around and afterwards came to find him after school. could he already be a heartthrob?
Sydnie did great again...she ran 9 laps again. not too bad. she was so excited to be out there and of course they played a bunch of high school musical stuff, so that made it even better. We went and found her the outfit she was wearing, just for jogathon. something comfortable and warm.
thank goodness there was no rain yesterday!!! Made for a much better day. It was really cold hands were frozen and i had a hard time using the calculator to add up all the donations. a great day and a great fundraiser for our school.