Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Proper Terminology

So this story has a background that goes back about 5 years. My daughter loves, loves, loves animals. When she was little she would spend hours playing with her little puppies and kitties. When her brother was born she would usually run from the room while I was changing his diaper....until one day when she looked in and proudly declared "Noah has a tail!!!!" So in order to protect her innocence, I continued to call it noah's tail as well. We got a lot of miles off the whole "tail" thing.

Fast forward a couple of years when she called "it" a tail to one of her friends and they correctly informed her that it was not a tail, like a was a p_n_s. I was being urged by several of my friends to inform her of the correct language of the appendage a boy has. So that was now done...i just needed to guide her that it was not a word we used very often and we don't really talk about p_n_s's.

Last week I sat my kids down to watch "The Sandlot". Super cute movie. The kids laughed the whole movie over the giant dog. But the laughter increased dramatically when sydnie saw the dog jump over the fence and yelled "wow, that dog has a big p_n_s!!!!!" I had to leave the room and laugh...did not want to encourage yelling out anatomy. Needless to say daddy was not thrilled.........that is what you get for telling her the proper terminology!!


Bree said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! Oh my goodness! way too funny!