Thursday, September 27, 2007

11 Years

how can the time go so fast? Has it really been 11 years since we walked down the aisle. Yes it has. It is fun to think back to that day and remember all the stress, no eating and it being incredibly hot. Seriously....88 degrees that day. but the best part was marrying the man that i loved. Seeing him for the first time that day. Knowing that God had placed him in my life. That all the doors to that day had been opened by a loving caring God that knew we would be together before we were born. That is amazing. It was a beautiful day. of course my scanner is not working right now so I have no pix to post....I guess I will just have to watch my little video and look at our album today. Cuz I won't get to see my husband at all. how sad is that. same as last year. see each other for 10 minutes then off to the next meeting or thing to do.

I love you Thad....happy anniversary.