Saturday, October 04, 2008


So the big party was a good success! Thad did not really know that we were having a party, but he had his suspicions. The rain held off and we were able to sit outside for the tailgate party and as we were sitting out there, could not help but think it was a little white trash.......but there were no trailers around!!! ha ha.

Yesterday was jogathon at our school and it did rain quite a bit, but for most of the kids the rain held off. I had to run the track 4 times yesterday, once with staff, once with my fifth graders, once with my DLC kid and once with Noah! It was a long day. For the first time since my kids started at their school, I was not able to stand out there and take pix of them while they were running. So I was a little bummed about that, but it is all good.

Today I woke up this morning at 5AM!!!! with a nice little bladder infection. I have drank about 40 oz of cranberry juice so far today and it seems to be working. Thank goodness.

A friend stopped over and gave me my personality test and it was pretty much what I thought. But still fun to hear that what I think about myself is pretty spot on. Even my weaknesses. ha ha.

We also had a football game and sydnie's first volleyball game! It was great. There were some real volley's in there, it was pretty fun to watch!

And now I am going to go drink some more cranberry juice and go lay down. hopefully kick this infection before it gets to big!


imacootie said...

Glad the party went well, hope you are feeling better! They do have some good over the counter meds for UTI's now. Get some rest!

Char said...

I'm so sorry! I get those nasty UTI's all the time! Try AZO, its an over the counter med--it doesn't cure it, but will make you feel better!