Friday, August 22, 2008

my lil' chef

My dd has been taking a cooking class this week for kids and she has made some incredibly good food! The first day they made panini's, pasta salad and tiramisu. Second day they made marinated chicken, fresh green beans and peach cake. Today is pizza, salad and some dessert. The best part of all of this is that she makes lunch for herself and then brings home a second one for me!!! he he. Really good stuff. She has been having a blast with her two cousins. She is a little nervous about the pizza today, she has this aversion right now to mozzarella. She is really hoping that she will get a chef's hat today to wear with her apron. ha ha. Unfortunately I have not taken many pictures, especially of the food, because once she hands me the box I usually just start eating. ha ha.


Teresa said...

How fun! Where is she taking these classes at? That is such a wonderful idea for kids to learn a very important skill and have a good time doing it!