Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How do I get this Goodness in me?

Berry season has been in full swing here for quite sometime and that can only mean one thing: JAM! This year a friend and I decided to buy some (by that i mean 55lbs) of strawberries and raspberries and split the jam profits down the middle. Let me tell u it was way more fun than doing it all by myself and we listened to a little mamma mia at the same time! Syd jumped in and helped us out a lot, she stirred while we got the pectin ready.

crushed raspberries, so beautiful

this part is not for the faint of heart, sugar and lots of it!

5 1/4 cups of sugar goes into 3 cups of raspberries
(it only has calories if you eat it sitting down)

now mix together for more goodness

the two have become one.
now it was time for pectin and some more stirring.

the final product. 80 pints.
After many years of making jam, 12 to be precise, this was one of the best times ever. It went so quickly, only 4 hours to make that much jam! I will admit that it was a lot of jam, so hopefully I will not have to make any next year! There is really no better jam out cannot buy stuff this good. Plus I love looking in my freezer and seeing the hard work and results filling up my door, waiting to get that goodness in me!