Monday, August 11, 2008

My Thoughts - Don't read if you have not read the book

I think it is fairly obvious when u read this blog that I love the twilight series. I have been eagerly awaiting my chance to read BD. I finally got that chance this weekend while we were camping, in between all the activities. I have some thoughts that I wanted to share and see how everyone else felt.

* I did like it
* Not my favorite, but the resolution was enough to satisfy me.
* I really missed alice. I love her character and was sad that she was not heavily featured in this book.
* I like that they got married, but i felt like it was missing some description, something was off in this section of the book. missing some detail or something to "grab" u like the other books.
* But it really "lost" my interest with the whole baby thing - at the beginning. i had a hard time reading more after she discovered she was pregnant. I don' really know why. maybe it was that we were camping, there was lots of reasons to put the book down and it interrupted my reading.
* I liked the jacob portion of the book. I liked his perspective.
* I really could care less about leah and him making peace with her. her antagonism was crucial to his character development though.
* I liked that he finally matured and moved ahead in his life and took a stance to become his own pack.
* I liked that charlie was able to be a part of her life after the transformation
* I warmed up to the whole baby thing
* Had a really hard time getting thru the whole birth/transformation process. I think that I was worried that bella would lose her character and traits that I liked. She would not be herself, which was her concern as well. But i think that SM did a great job with bella's development
* I read that SM had said that this book was not a youth fiction....the birth, baby eating way out stuff was a little gross for me.
* I was not as upset that edward was not heavily featured, because the story really is about bella. and edward is seen thru her eyes and really he stays the same except in book one where he chooses to be around her and not drink her. He always loves her and that will not change. He was not so much protector in this book.........cuz she is now invincible and is a great vamp.
* I liked that jacob had his happy ending. that he stayed in bella's life. I actually liked that he imprinted with Nessie and that he now has love. I am a happily ever after type of girl!
* I liked the 'blonde" jokes that jacob threw at rosalie (not my favorite character) and I loved when he threw his dog dish at her.
* I liked that bella had great power and that she saved them all. she was always the true heroine of these books, discovering herself and her choices.
* I also liked that her newborn self was not as violent and she could control that urge rather well. cuz let's face it, none of us wanted to see her kill a human.
* I loved it when she attacked jacob for imprinting or was it the nickname!!! ha ha.
* And I loved that edward finally got to read her mind.

I think overall I really did like it. I think that it could have been broken into a couple of books because so much of SM's writing style was missing in the first part of the book. The connection between bella and edward in the first part was different than normal. I could put this book down, where the other three I read late into the night. so that was missing for me. although at the end i could not put it down, so i guess it was kind of the same. I think that I also knew that this was the end. No more E&B. I felt the same way about H Potter....the last one was hard to get thru, because it was the last. I think overall it was a great resolution. I think I really wanted a battle at the end of this book. I am hoping for a jacob/nessie book. I mean come on. that would be great. I need a little more time to digest it and mull it over....but right now I go with a thumbs up in the overall story arc and conclusion. I had just reread all 3 books to set me up for this one and I have to say that I saw so many different things the second time I read them. So maybe I will reread this in a few months and something else will hit me. So tell me what did u think? Did u love, not like or riding the fence?


Teresa said...

I am with you about it being a good conclusion and I was VERY happy that everything was a happily ever after story! :) It just would not have been right if they died! :) (I hope people have read the book before reading this) HAHA I personally don't have a strong love for Jacob and had a tough time reading his "younger" view point and dialog....but i know that I am along on this issue :) HAHA I did LOVE the passion and I know that all of you knew that this would make me happy HAHA I really did not like the whole prego/birth/transformation section...just a little to sci-fi channel movieish for me. :) I agree that it rocked that Bella was not an infant vampire and we did not have to try and change her character in our minds. But I have one issue that we totally disagree on...I can not stand that Jacob imprinted on Renesme ....I did not like the whole claire and quil imprinting thing at all and so this is just about the same thing. The only thing that makes it good is that it keeps Jacob and Bella together in a more appropriate but still strong bond kind of way! :) So, I did like it a lot and really, the honeymoon part alone....I was sold :) HAHAHA

Rochelle said...

yeah...........i was not sold on the whole imprint thing either, until they showed quil w/claire and that he was just his babysitter. and i think there was something else in jacob telling bella that it was not a sexual thing, but more of a bond that could not be broken. i really think it was more about his happily ever after. when he was at the park trying to imprint on someone........i was really hoping that he would and then he did. when sm wrote that part at the end of his book....all the rage and murder that jacob had in his heart, to suddenly be stopped and see the world thru different eyes because of her. that was interesting. plus i liked that nessie knew that jacob was hers, just like bella knew that edward was hers. not trying to convince u, just thought about that part some more last night.......cuz really it should gross me out.

i loved their passion as well. i think i could use a dose of that..............she gets distracted when he touches her. ha ha.

Char said...

Okay--I didn't read this post, cause I haven't jumped on the Twilight wagon yet! I will soon though!!
I tagged you! Check my blog!