Friday, August 15, 2008


Our little mountain biker and he proved it this last weekend by taking this huge hill all by himself (haha). He loved riding his bike this weekend because the campground is quite hilly and everytime he wanted to go down the main hill and then ride over to this little dirt hill. This one was the perfect first dirt hill. There were a couple obstacles for him to get around, rocks and some grasses and he managed those with ease. He seriously loved it. I missed the shot of him turning and spraying gravel and dirt everywhere at the bottom....that would have been sweet. But as you can see the coming back up part did not go over so well. I think we will have to work on those leg muscles a little and do some hill climbing together. It was probably help too if he was not on a spiderman bike that he got for his 3rd birthday!! ha ha. Maybe for his 7th he can get a real bike with gears and everything!!! Bring on the ER visits, cuz he his hooked.


Teresa said...

Those are some great shots! Noah is really become a little man ready to take on the world and all dirt bike trails ! :) Let me know if you need a visitor in the ER at any point :)