Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lil' People Close 2 My Heart

These two little ones are so cute! They came to the beach with us for one night and day and they had a blast. Well Ry-Ry did. Luke slept the whole time...although at one point he woke up and smiled at his auntie shell. We certainly got sandy, enjoyed the sunny weather and played in the water. Ry-Ry does not like to get dirty, at all, period! But after watching my two dig their toes into the sand and run into the waves........she jumped right in. In fact, the pix below shows how much she loved it. ha ha. that is some serious sand she is in and she did not complain once. It was a great time at the beach and I do have pix of my kids too, but wanted to share these for now.

Our little mermaid, sunning herself upon the shore


Jim Slagle said...

Oh my goodness, who is this cutie pie with the Beav's hat? What a little doll all cuddled up in your dad's arms.

Love your blog.