Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two Movies in One Day???

How did I get so lucky??? Of course it was the same movie twice, but that was just fine by me. I never get to go see movies and I love movies, but yesterday I went and saw two. In the afternoon my friend and I decided to go together and since I was saving Dark Knight to view with my husband, we chose to go see Stepbrothers. Now we have been friends for quite awhile and I think I know what she likes, but as we sat through the first 10 mintues of this movie I was wondering the whole time if we could leave. I kept looking at her and she was watching the movie.........I did not know what to do. (and she will read this post, she is a lurker on my blog, not a commentor). ha ha. Anyway...........finally she got a phone call and went outside for awhile. But she left her purse and I thought, "Oh No, she really likes I can't leave". After about 5 minutes of excruciating pain while watching this horrific movie (and I really like will ferrel, but this was just gross), I decided to gather our stuff and go out and tell her I could not watch. Once I told her, she said she totally agreed and she thought I was liking it. ha ha. So we switched out tickets to the only other movie showing right then.............Dark Knight.

So as the story continues.............I picked Thad up, we went to Newport Grill Happy Hour (yum) and I told him that I had already seen the movie. He being a guy, did not hear me. So about 20 minutes later I told him the same thing................this time he heard, but we went anyway and we double dated with two of his boyfriends that were there watching the movie. I was so glad that they could come on our date with us. ha ha. I really loved the movie and it was so much better the second time. ha ha.(I was not recovering from the horror of seeing will ferrell's fake balls rubbing up against a drumset). I really loved the performances and I really do love Christain Bale. I think he plays bruce wayne just right. I really do love me some action comic heroes!!! ha ha. I cannot wait for the new Superman movie to come out. He is my favorite comic hero. He always chooses the right, he never kills and he is not from this planet.